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Argos Pet Insurance

Argos pet insurance offers you three levels of pet insurance to choose from these are Silver cover, which can give you up to £2,500 towards vet fees for each condition your pet may get for up to 12 months. Gold cover, this covers vets fees up to £4,000 per each incident that may happen to your pet, again on a 12 month basis. The final level of cover is the Platinum cover, this will cover vets fees for up to £7,000 each year without a time limit for the length of treatment your cat or dog may need. If you ensure online with Argos pet insurance you get a 5% discount, on top of this for every pet you insure with Argos pet insurance you will get another 5% discount as well. Argos also give you the ability to tailor make your insurance policy to suite your pet, even if your dog is older you get the same cover with no maximum age limit. Whichever policy you choose you will get free access to both of Argos’ helplines which are legal and vet advice, they will also help you to find your pet if they ever go missing.

For Argos cat insurance you’ll get a individual quote to suite you and your pets as the quote is based on the type of cat you have and where you live, giving you the best possible insurance. If you choose to go with their silver cover, which starts from just £3.99 per month, some of the things you are covered for are; up to £2,500 towards vet’s fees over 12 month along with this you will get up to £250 if your cat dies due to illness or accident, towards advertising and reward if your pet goes missing, if you cat strays of gets stolen and if you have to cancel holiday due to your cat being ill. If you choose the Gold cover which starts from £4.82 per month you are able to get up to £4,000 for vets fees over 12 months, £500 towards boarding fees, accidental damage and quarantine costs. You can also get up to £1.5 million for 3rd liability costs, £1,500 towards a holiday cancellation and £250 for emergency expenses cover abroad. With their final policy, the platinum cover that starts from £6.07 you can get up to £7,000 per year for vet fees, £1,500 towards theft or straying, death from illness/accident and quarantine costs.

With Argos Silver dog cover which starts from £6.08 you can get up to £2,500 for vets fees, £250 if your pet dies from illness or accident, £1 million towards 3rd party costs, £150 for boarding fees, quarantine costs and emergency expenses aboard. On their Gold cover that starts from £8.79 you can get up to £4,000 over 12 months for vet fees, £750 for theft or straying, £500 for accidental damage and quarantine costs and £1,500 towards a holiday cancelation. On their Platinum cover that starts from £11.48 you can get £7,000 per year towards vet fees, £1,500 towards death by illness or accident, £2 million for 3rd party liability costs and £3,000 towards a holiday cancellation.