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Cheap pet insurance

Due to there being so many pet insurance companies you are able to get pretty cheap pet insurance, shopping around will ensure that you find the cheapest policy. A lot of the companies will also offer to match a price, so if you can get a quote with one company you should also look into ringing around others and seeing if you can get the same cover for a cheaper price. Comparison sites are great for highlighting insurance prices as they are pinned against one another showing where is best for cheap pet insurance.

The prices for policies will vary from pet to pet, you will probably find that dog insurance will be slightly more than it is for some of the other pets, but you can still get a good deal. However, getting cheap pet insurance is great, but you should thoroughly check through the policy to make sure that you are still getting everything covered, as some cheap pet insurance policies might not include all of the cover the more expensive ones do, and it is better to have all possibilities covered. You should always be in the know when it comes to insurance, not only would it be bad if you pet is ill, missing or in an accident, but imagine on top of that stress you find after trying to claim for the accident that your pet isn’t covered for that situation!

The monthly cost of your insurance will ultimately affect the amount of money you get for veterinary fees per condition. For example with More Than pet insurance you are able to pick between too options, a ‘pet saver’ policy or a more expensive policy. With the pet saver option you pay less monthly and can receive up to £3000 for vets fees, however if you pay more monthly you can receive up to £7000 for vets fees.