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Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Animal Friends pet insurance claim are an extremely ethical company; they donate 100% of their net profits to animal charities through-out the world, they won the 2008 PETA Courage in Commerce award, PETA is the US based company that stands for ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’.

Animal Friends pet insurance covers for cost of vet fees for 12 months at a time for any treatment needed if your pet is suffering from an illness or injury this can include physiotherapy, some prescription diets, treatment and referral. Their superior and prestige pet insurance policies cover all of this but it also includes costs for cosmetic, preventative and routine treatments and examinations, treatment connected with spraying, pregnancy and castration. Their policy includes money towards death from an accident or illness, boarding kennels and cattery fees, holiday cancellation, loss from theft or staying, accidental damage, burglary reward, public liability, transport costs if your vet refers you to another, and cover if you have to take time off due to being bitten by your pet.