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Churchill pet insurance

Churchill pet insurance offers you two policies to choose from; Pet emergency insurance, this is a low cost cover which will cover any emergency and unexpected injuries or illnesses your pet may suffer from. This cover starts from £3.99 a month with a 10% online discount; they also give you up to £1,500 veterinary cover for accidental injury until 12 months after the injury. They also offer to pay up to £500 of your pets purchase fee if your pet dies due to an accident. This cover also gives you up to £750 towards emergency boarding fees if you are taken ill and need to put your pet in kennels, £3,000 towards a holiday cancelation or cutting a holiday short due to your pet needing life saving surgery and bereavement counselling.

The second policy they offer is their pet insurance with covers each injury or illness your pet might get individually for up to 12 months offering to cover cost s for up to £3,000. This policy is from £5.08 a month, again with a 10% online purchase discount, it will also cover up to £1,000 for advertising or reward costs if your pet gets lost or stolen. This policy also included bereavement counselling should you need help coping with the loss of a pet.

Churchill will take on pets from the age of 8 weeks old to as old as 10, however some breed of dogs they will only take on a the oldest of 6 years old, they will then normally be covered for the rest of their life as long as you renew your contract with them. You are able to add on their other insurance policies to tie in with your pet for example you could take out their home contents insurance which will cover your house if your dog damages it, you can also add on their overseas insurance which will cover your pet if you choose to take them on holiday with you.