Pet Cover Direct

Direct Line pet insurance

Direct Line pet insurance offers you a 15% discount if you insure more than one animal, they also promise to give you any other discount if you are entitled to it. They offer to pay any vet costs straight to your vets meaning you won’t have to spare a penny. Their insurance covers your pet per condition which means that there isn’t a limit on the number of times that you can claim, as well as this there are fixed on-off excess for each condition. Direct line also promise to pay up to £1,000 worth of boarding costs for your pet if you are taken ill and in hospital.

Direct line will insurance animals from as young as 8 weeks up to 11 years old, however only up to 6 years old for some breeds of dogs. You can also insure both working animals and dangerous dogs with Direct line. Direct line offer flexible packages so that you are able to find the right insurance cover for our animal, vets fees (to what you choose) are automatically included along with the se of their helplines but after this you are able to suit the package to your pets needs.

With Direct line you can choose from two policies, the essential policy which gives you cover for 12 months of vets fees for up to £4,000 pre each condition and the advanced policy gives you £6,000 worth of cover with no time limit to using this cover. Along with both of these policies you get the use of 3 helplines these are; find a vet, pet bereavement counselling and legal advice line.  They also offer additional cover options which include overseas travel; this covers you for repeat tick treatment, loss of a pet’s passport, emergency expenses whilst on holiday and quarantine costs. Third party liability which covers you for up to £2 million if you dog causes damage to someone else’s property or injuries someone. They also offer an additional benefits package, some of the things this covers are; up to £1,000 towards advertising and a £200 reward if your pets goes missing or is stolen and up to £5,000 cover if you have to cancel a holiday down to loss, illness or injury of your pet.