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Marks and Spencer pet insurance

Marks and Spencer’s pet insurance covers pets from as young as 8 weeks old, unlike a lot insurance policies they don’t have an upper age limit on pets they will cover. They cover costs of any vets bills, along with boarding fees for your pet if they are taken ill and money if your pet gets s lost or stolen. M&S also give their M&S cardholders 250 M&S points with their pet insurance and everyone is able to get 15% online discount when they purchase their long time pet cover.

M&S have to forms of pet covers, Standard and Premier. Their standard policy covers all the essential needs for your pet but they all each come with annual limits, for example on the standard cover you have up to £4,000 to cover any veterinary costs for injury or illness in a year, on the standard cover you also have up to £60 a week towards boarding fees if you need them or general daily minding fees, this goes up to a maximum of £600. You also get up to £600 worth of cover on advertising for a missing pet, death from injury and illness up to the age of 9. Unfortunately with the standard cover you aren’t covered for a number of things which include; a loss of a pet’s passport, holiday cancellation and damage to kennels.

With M&S Premier cover you are covered for a wide range of events, these included up to £7,000 a year on vets fees for illness, injury, treatment for behaviour, prescription food, burial and cremation to name a few. They also include in this cover up to £1,500 if your pet strays or gets lost, £750 for a reward and £1,250 for advertising if your pet goes missing/gets stolen. They also give you up to £2,000 for any emergency costs if you go on holiday with your animal and they need vet treatment, this also comes with £500 worth of cover on any other costs they might account for, the premier cover also covers a number of other issues your pet might need cover for.