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Pet Guard Pet Insurance

Pet Guards insurance policy is a lot different from other insurance policies as they don’t have a set policy they instead pride themselves on the fact that they let you make up your own policy to suite you and your pet. They have 4 levels for you to choose from that cover your vet fees and any lengthy treatment they need, any quick, complementary or alternative treatments are included and you have inclusive use of all 4 of their helplines. If you insure more than one pet they will give you £5 off every pet each year and you are able to tailor each separate policy to suite all of your pets.

The 4 different cover choices you can choose from are £7,500, £6,000, £3,000 or £1,000 to cover any vet fees, you are able to put a 12 month option with any of these also, this will reduce your premium but means that you will only be able to claim for 12 months from the start date of the treatment your pet needs, after this time it will no longer be covered and will be seen by all insurance companies as a pre-existing problem. The additional benefits that you can choose from are up to £1,000 per year for any emergency boarding fees, daily minding fees and advertising and reward costs if our pet goes missing or is stolen. You can also get up to £3,000 per year if you have to make a holiday cancellation due to the illness of your pet. Other additional benefits you can get cover for are if your pet is stolen or strays, the death of a pet due to illness or an accident and transportation costs to a referral centre.

If you choose to go with Pet Guards pet travel scheme you may also want to add on their overseas travel package, this will mean that your pet will be covered if they need veterinary treatment outside of the UK, you can also get up to £2,000 for quarantine costs, £250 per trip for loss of your pets health certificate and repeat tick and worming treatment.

Pet Guard also offer dog owners the option of third party liability cover, you can choose from a £1 million or £2 million option cover, this will cover you in the event of your dog causing any damage to someone else’s property or causing a accident which results in someone getting hurt.

However with Pet Guard insurance they won’t cover your pet for any pre-existing conditions or against an illness which you are able to get a vaccination for in order to prevent them from getting the illness. They also won’t pay for the first £60 of vet fees claim, if our pet is under 2 months old or if you dog is over 8 years old and if you cat is 10 years old.