Pet Cover Direct

Sainsburys pet insurance

Sainsbury’s offer you two options to choose from for your pet insurance. In option 1 you are able to get up to £3,000 towards vet fees per condition with a 12 month limit, up to £1,000,000 towards personal liability per incident and up to £1,000 towards advertising costs.

In Sainsbury’s option 2 you are able to get up to £7,500 towards your veterinary fees per condition without a time limit, £1,000 towards complementary treatment, £250 towards behavioural problems, £200 towards clinical diet, £2,500 towards overseas vet treatment if you pet travels with you and £100 towards the cremation of your pet if they die. You are also able to get £2,000,000 towards personal liability, £1,000 towards advertising costs, £3,000 towards holiday cancellation not to mention money towards a number of other incidents such as damage to kennels, quarantine costs, death from illness and loss of health certificate –to name just a few!

Sainsbury’s also offer Nectar card owners the chance to get their nectar points doubled on every time they shop in store for 2 years if they take out the £7,500 vet fees cover and remain claim free at the time of their renewal. If you purchase you pet discount online you are able to get 20% discount on your purchase and on top of that if you insure more than one pet you get another 5% discount for them as well.