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Tesco pet insurance

Tesco pet insurance offer you two types of cover, a standard cover in which they will cover costs up to £2,500 per eligible illness/injury and they offer a year’s worth of cover from the start of the eligible illness/injury if you keep the insurance. The second type of cover which they offer is extra cover, in this they offer up to £4,000 per eligible illness/injury without a time limit of claiming as long as you remain with their insurance.

Tesco also offer costumer’s a 20% discount if the purchase their insurance online which means you could get cat insurance from as much as £5.00 a month and dog insurance from £8.50 a month, whatever package you have you are also able to add any additional covers to your package and they offer you help in finding an emergency vet and support. They are also part of UK Insurance Limited.

Tesco promise not to reduce the amount of cover your pet gets older – which is when they are more likely to get illnesses. Tesco also state their insurance is always fixed excess payments which means you know exactly how much you will need to pay out, as well as this if you pay via club card vouchers or debit card you can save yourself even more money!

Additional cover on offer with Tesco is overseas travel, and example of just some of the things this covers are; up to £1,500 worth of quarantine costs covered, up to £250 to cover if you lose your pets’ passport. They also offer dog owners only a third party liability, this covers up to £2 million worth of cover if you dog damages or causes an accident to someone else’s property. They also offer a package containing a number of additional package some of the things they offer you in this package are; up to £5,000 if you have to cancel or cut a holiday short due to your pet getting ill or going missing and up to £1,000 for boarding fee’s if you are taken ill and in hospital for more than 4 days.