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Virgin pet insurance

Virgins insurance offers you 3 levels of affordable cover for your pet with a 15% if you insure more than one pet with them as well as up to 10% discount when you buy online. The 3 levels of insurance they offer are accident & illness extra, accident & illness and accidental injury.

With the accident and illness extra your pet gets covered up to £6,000 for each accident or illness they may get without a time limit on this claim. In the accident and illness cover your pet gets covered for up to £3,000 for each illness or injury they may get, however there is a 12 month time limit on this claim. With the third level accidental injury – their cheapest insurance policy covers on-off up expect costs up to £1,500 with a maximum of 12 months, with all three policies you get excess to Virgin’s three helplines; find a vet, pet legal and bereavement counselling.

As well as these 3 levels of cover you are able to add on some additional benefits these can be; up to £1,000 worth of cover if you have to cut short or cancel a holiday due to your pet becoming ill, up to £1 million on third party liability costs, up to £500 for recovery costs if your pet is lost or stolen and the also offer an overseas travel cover package.

The things that aren’t covered in Virgins pet insurance are cost towards treatment for any existing illnesses or condition your pet had before you took out the policy, general dental treatment, pregnancy, illness or disease in the first 2 weeks of the cover and routine flea treatment, neutering and vaccinations.