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Pet cat insurance

Pet cat insurance tend to be less expensive than cover for dogs, this is mainly due to them being more independent and less likely to get into trouble like dogs. Although cats are less likely to get into fights of damage other peoples’ property, they are still sadly able to get sick, go missing, stray or die early, so it is still very important that you have pet cat insurance for them.

With pet cat insurance you are still able to pick from different levels of policy, this will  mean that you can choose to pay less and get less money towards vet fees, quarantine costs, emergency costs aboard etc, or you can pay more and receive more money and longer cover. For example Asda offers 3 levels of pet cat insurance; superior, standard and value, with the superior policy you pay £5.77 each month and can receive , £6000 for vets fees (without a time limit), 12 months of overseas travel, £1,000 for quarantine costs, which is just some of the policy. Whereas with the value pet cat insurance you pay £3.92 a month, this means you receive; £1500 for 12 months, overseas travel for 1 month and £150 towards quarantine costs.

Some pet insurance policies however will give you the same policies for both cats and dogs, but at a slightly different price, for example with Sainsbury’s they have 3 levels to their policy that all remain the same for cats and dogs, any only how much you pay changes. This can be particularly useful if you have a cat and a dog as you can get them the exact same cover; this saves you any confusion when claiming for them. When taking out any insurance policies you should always make sure you read thoroughly through the terms and conditions.