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Pet insurance comparison

When it comes to finding the best pet insurance it’s important that you shop around, which is when pet insurance comparison is a great tool to use. Pet insurance comparison doesn’t just allow you to be able to find the policy most suited to you and your pet but it also allows you to find the cheapest policy too.

You will find that most insurance policies all cover pretty much the same possibilities, some of the elements that all policies will cover are; vet fees – up to a particular amount, Theft or straying, holiday cancellation, early death money, money to go towards a reward if your pet is missing. A lot of them will also include third party liability, boarding fees and accidental damage cover.

Pet insurance comparison also allows you to see what some policies don’t cover that others might, although there are some things that none of the pet insurance policies will cover. This includes and pre-existing conditions, this means anything that was wrong with your pet before you brought out the cover, won’t be covered. A lot of the companies also won’t include cover on any vaccinations needed, any flea treatment cost and also spraying costs.

There are also some dogs that insurance companies won’t cover; these are also normally showed through pet insurance comparison. Dogs that aren’t able to get covered include racing dogs, working dogs like guard dogs, some cross breeds aren’t covered and none of the pet insurance companies will cover any of the dogs that are listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act, such as; American bulldogs, fighting dogs, dogs used for breeding and security dogs. Cross breeds that tend not to be liable for cover are; Pit bull terriers, Japanese Tosa and Fila Braziliero.