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Vets fees

All pets will need to go to the vets at some point during their lives. They will need a health check at least once a year and they will also need routine vaccinations and regular treatments to protect them against worms, fleas and other parasites. Some of these veterinary drugs can be obtained over the counter without a vet's prescription, but in order to protect the health of your pet professional advice on appropriate treatments is advisable.

Some vets will offer annual payment plans which give you discounts against routine checks and treatments which are not generally covered in traditional pet insurance policies.

Owning a pet is a responsibility and can be a major expense. Advances in veterinary treatment means that our pets can now live longer, more comfortable lives than ever before. But new surgical techniques and drugs have come at a price and pet insurance is considered a must for many owners who want to ensure they can afford the best treatment available if their pet becomes ill or suffers an accident.

Vets can offer you advice on the best ways to protect your pet's health through appropriate diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations.